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  So, what's new in the tomb then?
30/12/04 Well, it's been effing AGES since I last updated - partly because of no FTP to my old webspace due to upgrade to broadband, partly 'cos I'm lazy, and partly 'cos my domain name is dead. So I'll be updating/redesigning this site over the next few months. Watch this space.
26/9/03 Updated the Parties page (do I EVER update anything else!?) with photos of Antiworld at the Rex
21/8/03 Updated the Parties page with photos of the Glastonbury Festival 2003 :)
7/6/03 Updated the Parties page with photos of Kenton and Zoe's wedding.
27/5/03 Updated the Music and Parties pages.
6/5/03 Added more Party stuff, updated the Box Room and Music pages, and just generally tidied up. Oh, some cool Lego men on the Imagery page too!
11/11/02 Added Azuma and Tip World phtos to the Parties page, and I'm all partied out for now!!!
7/10/02 Added Astral Phoenix stuff to the Parties page, and ammended some text.

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