Hi. I'm Dom Brown, but many of my mates either call me Doom or something I'd rather not repeat! Don't be afraid - I'm not as much of a nutter as you might think. Although that might not show from this photo or the content on this site. Let's just say I'm one of a kind and leave it at that ;)

Vital statistics

Marital status
Single :(
192 cm
73 kg
Favourite colour
Favourite booze
Stella Artois/red wine
Favourite pastime
Listening to music
Favourite food
  Spag bol (it's the only decent thing I can cook)
Favourite band
  Anything fast and loud or cheesy (NOT teeny)
I have a major penchant for music and films, and spend far too much money either on the discs or tapes, or hardware to reproduce them. Oh, I'd better not forget computer games while I'm at it. Although I do like to read a real book once in a while as well.

If I'm not doing all this at home, I'm doing something similar at a mate's house, or I'm down the pub. Mates are arguably the next most important thing to family. I know some of the best people anyone could know, and that's very important to me - they're like extended family.

Whilst on families, many viewers out there might laugh at my 'family is the most important' comment above. Well, my parents have always been there for me and did more for me than I am willing to say here - let's just say, they did the most unselfish thing anyone has ever done for me. Mum is amazing - she's been very ill loads of times but is strong, and keeps coming back for more, but she never gets bitter about it all! Dad is also brilliant as he's always there for us all, and gets on with everything without complaining.

I'm well 'into' 60's and 70's tack, such as lava, bubble and fiber-optic lamps, 8 track cartridges, and vinyl, and have far more of this stuff than is good for me. The old saying 'they don't make 'em like they used to' is so right in almost everything these days - since things seem to be 'engineered' to bust as soon as the guarantee runs out!. At least Mathmos are keeping the lavalamp alive!

As sad as it appears, I also really dig the Teletubbies, simply because the first time I saw them I thought somebody had spiked my cup of tea... Kids' programs are cool - pity I can't watch daytime TV ;)

I keep meaning to go swimming and get fit, and even though I now live right next door to a pool, I still never seem to get there - or at least, less often than I should. That's the biggest problem with living in Reading and working somewhere else - the lack of time. Especially if you have to use trains to commute (Railcrack take note)!

And on that note, I have a minor reputation for moaning, but I don't know where that came from!

I'm also registered partially sighted and have a relatively rare syndrome called Nance-Horan Syndrome, or NHS (as in National Health Service!). This causes me to have weird attributes like bent fingers and almost three sets of teeth... Some of these can be seen on the Imagery page. I'm not circus tent material though - just a tad bit different to Joe Average. I do OK with it...

The set of ivories on the left looks like me in the morning, having a good yawn! If anyone else has NHS, I'd be curious to hear from you... We could set up an owner's club ;)


Finally, cats rule. I used to have a tabby called Whisky, who adopted our family. She had a real personality, and I was gutted when she finally died.

She was very intelligent - if she wanted to be let in, she'd knock on the lounge window.

She actually came in to the kitchen once and said 'meaoww-lk' - well, it sounded like 'milk' to me and Dad anyway!


This is Narla - probably the laziest cat ever! More so than Whisky, anyway, and that's saying something...

She belongs to my housemate Jay, but is normally found trying to hijack my bed (or hiding under it!)... Oh well...

She's shown here in her natural state - practising 'dead lions' - i.e. asleep!


I do update the site once in a while despite appearances - here's the proof! I would do it more often if it wasn't for the slow speed of modems - roll on cheap broadband (some time in 2012 here in Blighty....)

This is one of the pages being edited on my HP Pavilion; note the killer Goodmans MaxAmp speakers - overkill, but I like decent sound.... I couldn't be bothered with fancy 5.1 sound though - it is only a PC...


One final thing! Being as I can't see much, I'll never be able to drive (legally!). We inherited this 1972 MK 1 Ford Capri off of a friend, and my brother traded it in when he got his Ford Orion in 1992 (sacrilege!).

A dude in Belfast bought it, and this is what it looks like now - a far cry from when my brother traded it in, since one of the wheels had fallen off on the motorway and he'd knackered the back axel!!! That goes to show just how good a driver he is though - he managed to pull over and didn't crash...

Anyway, enough of the boring homepage waffle; check out some of the weird stuff on the other pages...

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