Go is a particularly well made film in the vein of Jackie Brown - a deal is seen from three different perspectives, and it all comes together in the end. Good sound track, good characters and very entertaining...

Favourite parts:
'the Crazy Horse club'
'the rave'
'Las Vegas'

Favourite quotes:
"Colour is a state of mind, Marcus"
"F-ck you! Any whiter and you'd be clear!"
(nosey kid in hotel)"What'ya doing in here?"...
(Simon, joking) ..."Raping small children!"
"If you break this rule, I'll break your legs. Any questions?"
"...Rona - I just did you a favour"...
..."Really? I thought you just gave me head!"
"You know what makes it really good? Taking a lot of pot with it. Like, a LOT of pot"
"It's like, woah man, how's the ground down there and sh-t!"
"Go on, shoot me. I don't mind, honestly!"


Guest House Paradiso is a Bottom movie - need I say more? Its Richie and Eddie at their filthiest and best, with the Nice family, Gina Carbonara and Giseppe Bolognaise thrown in for good measure.

Favourite parts:
'the rubber lingerie'
'the cliff-top swing'
'the fish supper'
'the speaking tube'
'the reel-reel/turntable Eddie-Emulator'

Favourite quotes:
"R-r-ow-okey dokey skip!... Running all the way <SCEEEETZZZZ!!!>"
"It's horrible here"...
..."Welcome to the real world, kid"
"It's all gone numb!"...
..."You lucky b-stard!"
"Save the B527!"
"Did anyone eat the fish tonight?"


Human Traffic is almost the British, or more accurately, Welsh equivalent of Go. A lot of people I know prefer Go, but I think they're on a par, as I generally prefer British humour anyway. This film has the lot - basically, it's the wasted weekend phenomenon put onto celluloid, and I love it. If you like club culture, or even if you don't, it's a good film.

Favourite parts:
'The weekend has landed'
'Moff on the phone to Thailand...'
'Party prescriptions'
'Jip blagging The Asylum'
'Jip's Mr Floppy'
'Lulu's Sunday lunch'

Favourite quotes:
"The weekend has landed... I've got 73 quid in my back burner and I'm gonna wax the lot. The Milky Bars are on me YEAH!!!"
"Oh look! She's making it worse!!!"
"Reality - is that you? Oh Reality, mate, it's all gone pear shaped!"
"I'm a business entruh, entrapreat, entrepreneur"


Jude is a very good adaptation of Thomas Hardy's 'Jude The Obscure' - only missing the last portion of the book. This doesn't detract from the film however.

The script is accurate, the costumes would appear to be right, and the film is well paced. I hadn't read the book before seeing the film (sorry Mrs Davies) but found the book made sense - which is a real change from some book 'adaptations'! I have to admit there's one bit near the end that really disturbed me - which is quite hard to do...

For those of you trainspotters out there, there are some well-preserved old trains in the film, and as far as I know it's the only film where Kate Winslet does a full frontal... Oh dear, shouldn't have said that!

Favourite parts:
'At Christminster'
'The beach and bicycles scene'

Favourite quote:
"If you had a marriage licence that forced me to love you, I'd run a mile!"
"I'm intellectualising aren't I? Kiss me before I start again"
"I've cooked you breakfast because you think you deserve it"


Lake Placid is awesome, and yet again, I saw this on US DVD literally months before it came out in the cinemas here. The crocodile looks really 'there', and the script is as sharp as a Samurai sword... Basically, an amusing and fast paced film, with a couple of good twists... I'd never have expected a 'harmless' old woman would be so inadvertently dangerous!!!

Favourite part:
'Dolores feeds the croc'

Favourite quotes:
(after finding a toe) "Is this the man?"...
..."He seemed... taller"
"If you call me "ma'am" one more time, I will sue you! And with the laws the way they are today, I can do it!"...
..."She's good!"


The Matrix - need I say more?

This is what DVD was made for, and one of the reasons I bought into it. Not a bad plot, half decent script, but Keanu is still a good wooden spoon impersonator...

Favourite part:
'The leap of faith'

Favourite quotes:
"Take the red pill"
"I know what you're thinking. You're thinking 'Why didn't I take the BLUE pill?'"
"What the Oracle told you is for you, and you alone"


This is the first of my two ultimate Titanic movies - the original (and best) - A Night To Remember. I've never read the book, but I have read several others, and this is possibly THE nearest you'd get to that night other than being there.

The models do tend to look just like that, but for 1958 it's a tour de force.

Favourite part:
'The christening, as it never happened, and showed the Queen Mary or Elizabeth anyway!'

Favourite quotes:
"We may be in the same boat later Mr Andrews"...
"Yes. We may..."


This film is positively screwed up. Whoever wrote The People Under The Stairs is a genius! A very good film, with a nice feel-good payback factor at the end, but very surreal indeed...

Favourite part:
'the mother getting nailed hardcore by the people under the stairs'

Favourite quotes:
"Goddamn buck shot"
"Shut the f-ck up!!!!"
"My God! You've killed Prince!"
"You're not my mother - never were"
"Kiss your arse goodbye, BOY!"

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