The Reading Rowd (AKA The Boys)

Robbie (the Dee)
Kenton (Kenny)
Paul (PD)

These reprobates are The Boys; they got their name from the film Bad Taste, as this is one of our staple diets... Neil took these images - thought I'd better credit him so he doesn't do me for copyright!

I've known PD since Reading University (1993), and the others since 1996. The Dee and Neil are part of the hardcore Purple Turtle crowd, who I met through Jay, the lead singer of Deel. Deel was this student indie band Paul and I were in. The Boyz get up to enough stuff in our time; evenings often end up mad as a carrot, especially when Kenny and I get giggling 'cos we never stop!

Dee opens up a can of whipass on an old defunct monitor which for some reason just would not sync up to a signal. Oh well, it won't now! Kids, don't try this at home! Not bad timing on the camera either methinks...

More Dee exploits (or should that be implosions?)

Other Reading mates include my housemates, Jay and Sarah. I don't have any recent photos, but these ones are quite cool - taken at the 1998 Reading Festival.

Nice hat, Sarah ;)

Jay is a bit of a fine artiste with facepaints....


Paddy's a nutter! I met him in Freshers Week at Uni and we always end up getting totally lashed up and having a good laugh. He's a farmer by trade, believe it or not!

If you've read anything on this website, you'll have recognised Leon on the left. This was at our student house during a particularly nutty party involving chocolate-covered popcorn - don't ask....

In case you were wandering, this is the lineup from the student house:

From left to right, we have Des (I dunno what he's up to now though), me, Paddy and Paul. That was a good year in the house, despite the burglary...

Jason was a mate from Uni; we were in a band with Paul, Paddy and Jay. The band was called Deel, and we actually did a couple of gigs. I will scan some photos soon. Anyway, back to Jason. He was the main songwriter and lead guitarist, and here he is at Reading 98 - this was taken on the same day as the ones of Jay and Sarah above.

Don't ask me what the significance of the photo on the right is - seemed like a good idea at the time... It might have been something to do with the tape I'm holding up, but I dunno!

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