This page was created as I guessed the other pages would become too cluttered, and besides, it made sense to lump the really dodgy images into one page ;)

These images comprise as many parties as possible, starting with the August 2001 one I held in Reading; this page will hopefully detail loads more in the future as well... Sit back and enjoy!

September 20, 2003, Antiworld Party, Stratford Rex, London

One year on from my first outing in a club setting with my main crew, so what way to celebrate the anniversary than to hit the best club of the lot (well, the ones I've been to so far!) - the Rex.

It was good to be home again - can't believe it's been a whole 5 months since the last time - and of course, the first time in AGES that Loveday was with the posse!

However, Taku couldn't make it due to a rather painful leg, so it was just a threesome this time. Overall, a pretty damn fine night, but why was the psy-trance on in the smaller room that's usually devoted to chillout? Check out the crowds:

Oh yeah, and one MAJOR complaint - don't mean to be sexist, but my hunt for a woman's going to go nowhere if the male/female ratios are like THIS every time - very unrepresentative of the Rex! Maybe the ladies were all in the main arena.... which was pumping, but the tunes got a bit samey over half an hour, so the psy-trance room was defo the one to be in. I shouldn't whine about the woman thing really - after all, I go to clubs to dance for me and me alone and if someone wants to join in, that's their prerogative! Party on :)

© Loveday 2003

We met some new mates as well - Fred and John were well sorted - not sure how Fred came up with the idea for the dummy mind you, but it was a cracker - his first outing both with the dummy AND his first outing to the Rex - pure class!!

I just wish my hair would hurry up and grow - tying the front up was, ahem, rather mad... All in good time I guess! Oh well, I was able to let it down for a bit while not dancing; we got to hear more of the tunes in the main arena later on when we went to chill...

....but they were still very similar to earlier in the night - although this time the suspense and buildups were far better. Not sure what those dudes in front of us on the balcony were on - very wasted - but at least the photo above was proof of their ability to still stand, so fair play!

Glastonbury Festival, 25-30 June, 2003, Pilton, Somerset

Ever since I got the NME in July 1993, and drooled over the free tape of music from the Pyramid stage, I've wanted to go to Glasters. And every year without fail, I've not been able to go! Whether it be through lack of money (surprise surprise!), exams (twice!), Glastonbury being cancelled, and just general freaky bad luck, I never got to go. This year, my mates Ian, Ed and I'd been discussing getting tickets, but assumed (quite rightly) that the scourge of Ebay would hit on booking day. As luck would have it, I managed to get my ticket just as the website came back online on the first day, even though I was going to wait until the Tuesday. Good thing I didn't...

The first gut reaction when I found out the price was "HOW MUCH!?!!?" - £116 isn't particularly cheap... I bought a ticket anyway (glad I did!) and proceeded to plan...

The Wednesday morning dawned bright and early, and the public servant that I am, I donned my "Ruck-o-stereo" and hit Exeter Saint Davids. I didn't have the guts to power the beast up here, but did so at Taunton... I can't believe we didn't get either beaten up or evicted - how can you have "The laughing gnome" and Therapy?'s "The knives" back to back on a compilation, and still hear people say "there's some good tunes coming from over there" - well, got to get people in the musical mood. Here's the evidence (speakers in the sides, Discman in the top):

Within 10 minutes of getting through the main gates, after a rather bumpy double decker ride from Castle Carey, I could see what the fuss was about. We arrived at midday, and already there was a lovely vibe - once inside that fence, it was another world. Like being in a really good club night, but for 6 days! Once the tents were pitched, we went for a short wander to see what was what. The market place was already open, although the stages weren't fully finalised. It was very interesting seeing the Glade being put together though... And of course, there was that Stone Circle to visit - this was to be one of the main places for me as the time went on - there's a really strong feel inside those stones - something very strange is afoot in there, but it's like a little bubble of warmth; call me a hippy (I'm getting that way) but I could feel a whole load of positive energy there.

Ian in the Stone Circle on the Wednesday - look - practically NO litter!

Thursday was another totally laid back day - we met up with some old Uni mates of mine, Jason and Liz (yep, that Jason, from the band) - and proceeded to hit the Stone Circle with a couple of cups of cider and some other refreshments.

Jason and Liz at the meeting point - urm, too much cider there Liz? Just kidding :)

The festival is supposed to promote

and the health of the planet, I was gutted to see that the Circle had already been strewn with litter since the Wednesday. I'm proud to report that none of us dropped one piece of litter through the whole festival - shame on those of you that did!

We decided to grab a pint from the bar by the side of the Pyramid - and good timing; they were testing the mammoth TV screens - quite bizarre seeing huge test patterns against a dark sky - the screens didn't have bezels either so the images just hung in space (anyone else who has nystagmus will know what I mean by that).

The Glade had opened by Thursday night - so a quick shiftie was in order - woah, a club in a forest - this is pretty cool! Can't remember what the tunes were , but it had a really good vibe to it - the coloured lights in the trees really made the place something to behold.

Finally - the MUSIC! These are photos of the bands I got photos of - pity about the lack of quality due to disposable camera and excessive distance...

The Inspiral Carpets - the first band we caught
Afro Celt Sound System - truly blinding - well worth seeing!
Arthur Lee and Love - one helluva set and a VERY surreal experience. Enough said on that...
Yes - this was cool - the guy had a TRIPLE NECK guitar - check it out:


Friday arrived, but we didn't, and thus we missed The Darkness. Damn - I hadn't heard any of their stuff then, but I missed out big time - they rule! Oh well, the Inspiral Carpets'll do; they did a great show - and even though we got a bit worried when the rain came (Ian and Ed went in '98!), it soon dried up again (while we hid like wusses in the Cabaret Tent (John Ottway is a nutter - and Atilla the Stockbroker was damn cool too). By the time the sun was in full swing, we got to see a blinding set from the Afro Celt Sound System - that blew me away...

Friday night was a real bummer though - what were they thinking? X-Press 2, Seb Fontaine, Primal Scream, James Lavelle, REM, Royksopp, Suede, Junior Senior, Lemon Jelly, Morcheeba, Electric Six, The Music, REM - ALL sorted acts I'd have liked to have seen, but they all interlinked and clashed! I finally grew some balls and headed off on my own after we'd done The Music, so I could check out the Dance Tent... Well - urm, a bit bigger than the Rex - kind of unnerving. What sucked was that I'd got an SMS from Loveday (yep, she got a ticket too!), and I knew she was in the Dance Tent for Seb Fontaine. Chances of finding her for X=Press 2 - NIL! The tent was baking and I didn't dare try to go through the throng - as it turned out, she was near the front so no go! X-Press 2 didn't disappoint - blinding set. And despite the size of the thing, there was a great atmosphere in there... Off to the Glade for James Lavelle next (and I got lost!) - oh well, after a quick chill I found the place again (confused quite madly by this point!) and had a good one. I then got lost AGAIN on the way down to the Pyramid to see REM - and what a show that was - easily as good as their 1995 Cardiff Arms set. A great end to the first full day of tunes...

As blooming typical luck would have it, we woke up well early on Saturday (why not Friday - oh why did we miss The Darkness!?), so we amused ourselves with some of the dodgy CD compilations we had created. Got another SMS from Loveday about Jimmie Cliff (thank GOD she reminded me of this set!!) - so we headed off down to the Pyramid for a look-see. He was amazing - a totally laid back vibe and it was just like Jamaica, with all the peace and sun and laid-back vibes. Easily the high point of the weekend musically for me...

However, we failed to meet Loveday here too. Finally caught up in the Glade, and christ ALONE knows who was on - it had to be (at a guess) Barry Krishna or A Guy Called Adam. Either way - from here on in my Saturday got weirder and weirder...

(Left-right): Loveday, Umar, Ian, me, Ed (he's totally blind hence why he's not looking at the camera - we weren't ignoring him - honest!
Chilling in the Glade for a bit was fun, and it was a welcome relief to sit in the tent (left and above) in the shade, whilst being surrounded by bangin' tunes, beautiful people with the right NASA (nice and safe attitude), and the trees, but duty called, so we followed Loveday and Umar to the Green Fields...

....Oh yes, they'd found a DECENT chai bar - MUCH better than the slightly mingin' mucky one I found in the main market place between the Other and Pyramid Stages! If you EVER go to WOMAD or Glasters, you MUST check out the Lunched Out Lizard - it's a blinding place and their chai is the best! So a couple of cups of tea (man what the HELL is that dumbass with that trumpet doing over there!?), then through this weird tunnel under the "railway track" main thoroughfare, and off to Nitin Sawhney for a bit. Our posse split up to go multiple ways; Loveday and Umar went I have no idea where (though Radiohead was part of their, along with most everyone else's, plan!), Ian went off for Los Lobos and others, and I took Ed to the Other Stage, to check out Love (third time in 9 months I've seen them - killer - and very very very of the moment nudge nudge ;)), the Coral (mad - even though I got caught short and had to use a Turdis near the main arena - minging!) and The Super Furry Animals - who RULED - amazing light show. Anyway, by this point Ian was back (which was lucky, as I was having a real hard time looking after Ed and what little sanity I had left!), and so back to the Glade...

Well, Glasters ain't complete without an all-nighter sun-up at the Stone Circle, so we decided to hang at the Lunched Out Lizard from about 1.30 to 4am, and then sloped off to the Stone Circle. Well, there were a fair few there, and they all looked colder than we did (which was hard, bearing in mind the chai tent was full so we'd sat on a damp tarp outside!). The first real sign of a decent Police presence was in evidence too - about 20 of them standing around. As we'd found already, the Stone Circle is the main drugs mecca in Glasters; the cries of "Trips, Speed, E's, Mushrooms, Weed, Trips, hash truffles, mushroom cakes etc. etc." can be heard here all the time. However, with the Police there, it was a nice welcome break to not hear the hawkers trying to sell their wares (no matter how interesting they might be!) - and that prat who kept shouting "BEER!" from Wednesday had gone too.

Anyway, so we sat, and we waited, and then finally, the huge red sun began to pop up almost dead ahead, and the crowd cheered.

Truly a really amazing feeling - one hell of a loved up vibe and a real sense of oneness with the environment and people around us, which is more than can be said for the 4 dealers we saw being hauled off in the Police truck!

Sunday morning (what was left of it!) arrived WAAAY too quick; we managed to get about 3 hours' kip before the tents got too hot, and then we dragged our protesting bodies all the way through the Lost Vagueness field (vague wasn't the word - had someone spiked my tea or did these things below really exist - guess they must have done if I have photos!)....

Weird totem pole thingy, with a Freak Show behind it (no, I wasn't in it!)
A compact version of the Range Rover - yes, it really did look like that - that's no camera trick! It was about 4 feet wide!

.... all the way along to the Lost Stage for the String Cheese Incident. Now I'm ashamed to admit that although the music was great, I was on one hell of a dead battery, even with the sun's warmth, so couldn't give much in effort here. In fact, dragging across to the One World Stage for Yes, and catching Slovo first (who rocked!), nearly killed me. No joke. I nearly collapsed during Yes' set due to the heat - and yes, I had been drinking plenty of water.

The One World flags - on a laid back Thursday

It rained a little after Yes' set, while we were seeing Billy Bragg (who I really enjoyed). The water had run out so we had to move over to pints - big mistake. I'd forgotten my heat incident from earlier, and was pretty tipsy after only 3 pints - so much that when I sat down to save my legs during Richard Thompson's set, I fell asleep. Yup.

Wobbling like a Weeble on the way to see the end of The Streets wasn't much fun either - I wished I'd gone to Hallucinogen in Dub, Raja Ram, and the other blinders on in the Glade and had water and Red Bull instead of alcohol, but I didn't have the energy to dance - gutting.

(Left-Right): Ed, Ian, Umar, me, Loveday, unreadable signs at extreme right!)

All's well that ends well though - once the sun went down and the air had cooled, I felt MUCH better. We decided to have one final hit of Chai and guess who we bumped into again!? Loveday and Umar - nice ending to a damn good fest, and it was pure luck we even found the Chai tent in the dark, let alone the people I'd tried to contact earlier; Loveday - recharge your phone mate!! Actually, I should learn this one as well - next year I'll check out the Orange recharge point "for phone and user" - would have come in handy this day!

All in all then, one helluva life experience I intend to repeat next year - I hope we can get a bigger posse, and this time we'll be camping in Green Fields 'cos the Glade, Stone Circle and Lunched Out Lizard are definitely my spiritual homes at Glasters... Just watch you don't take sweeties off strangers people!

Kenny and Zoe's wedding, 30 May, 2003, Fleet Church/Farnham Castle

Well, I guess this is where the circle of weddings begins! Kenton and Zoe chose Fleet Church for the service (Kenny's right - the vicar WAS a good laugh!) and they'd managed to blag Farnham Castle for the reception - think the first wedding in Four Weddings and then double it and you're getting somewhere near the quality of this place - very impressive! The food was lush as well...

Anyway, on with the images :)

Andy Mac and Fido (Steven-something - he did tell me, but I've only known him as Fido and didn't even know he was Steven until this day!!! Andy's Kenny's best man and Fido did loads at the wedding as well - although I'm not sure if he was a second best man or what! Cool dudes either way though :)

Well - this one's explanatory - confetti makes a right mess but then again it's a right laugh as well!
Joined - a fairly quick service as well - quite surprised about that.
The Daimler - and Farnham Castle's frontage (well, a tiny little bit of it.
This is the other wedding car with the bridesmaids etc. - you have got to love that number plate!!!

Fleet church - a nice enough place. I'm not sure why I am even commenting on half these images since they're all pretty obvious really - oh well, as Fido says, I like waffling on this site and I don't like clear space between all the images, so there you go!

This is one of those slightly less contrived shots - Kenny's the centre of attention and the photographer's just got the official shot so I jumped in with this one.

The cake
And cutting it - duh!

Speech time - Andy Mac on the left, Kenton on the right - and very amusing speeches they were too...

Kenny didn't seem to be nervous ALL DAY - even when we were all winding him up pre-ceremony in the pub - he's pretty much unfazable I think...

The first dance - blooming hard work as it was all medieval stylee - so I couldn't do my "being electrocuted" impersonation after this - he he he...  
Shame my digicam's about as sensitive as one of Arnie's characters in low light - this would have been great barring all the digititis in this image. Gives an idea of Farnham Castle's scale though - this was from the top gallery.
That little trip that ended up with Fido stumbling on this freaky chapel must have mashed up his mind!
Neil's totally wrecked here - I'm still standing and awake myself so ha!

10 May, 2003, Exeter

My second housewarming, this is some of the motley crew from Exeter and Exmouth... A good time was had by all (I think) - and the carpet got fed with loads of peanuts thanks to some people who shall remain nameless, but they share a lot in common with monkeys - so there's a hint....

OK - in the top left we have Marcus, Amy, Alex and Viv, in the top right, Ali, Leon and Harry, and in the bottom left, Alex, Marcus, Viv, Ali and Amy - I dunno what's with all the mobiles but I guess the heathens were getting bored of the bangin' psy-trance - more fool them!

It was a good crack nonetheless - sorted!

Project Ozma

This is the local rave scene in Reading - held in the Boxing Club, about 2 minutes' pre-party walk (5 minutes post-party stagger!) from my house there. It's been going since December 2002, and I have been to every one so far. I don't have any photos of this, and only have low-res prints of the flyers, so if you're curious to check it out, the site is - if you're in Reading and you haven't been yet, what's your excuse!?

Me and Taku having a well deserved chill, as best you can when these are pretty much the ONLY seats in the gaff - well, you come to dance right?

Well, as you can see, this needs NO explanation - I took this at arm's length, just before crashing like you would not believe...
No, I don't have something stuck up my butt - I never said I could dance did I!?

Main raves and parties in reverse order according to time:

April 26, 2003, Solar Stage Creation Party, Stratford Rex, London


Yep, yet ANOTHER Rex night, but that place is awesome... We didn't realise that GMS had been playing a set the night before, so the Rex was about half full = loadsa room, cool temperature, and a chillout room that doesn't impersonate a boiling kettle!

This was Robbie's deal, and he got a good one - Prometheus was BANGIN'!

DJ Dark Angel (Inna?Turtle/Project Ozma), Robbie Dee and Taku, right up at the front of the Rex - told you there was space in there! One of the live acts, or a DJ - I dunno which - blame my eyesight!

Only bummer was the security/chewing gum incident - pity the dimebar missed the blatant packets in my combat pockets, but found the "hidden" packet in my hat... Poetic justice?

March 29th , 2003, Astral Phoenix Spring Awakening, Stratford Rex, London


What can I say - my first rave was an Astral, and guess what, Infected Mushroom played this one too - launching "Converting vegetarians" - one blinding set - and one wicked night. Here's the motley crew who went (Robbie's taking the photo!):

Alex, me, Taku, Harry - BUT - is this the left or right bar - I really can't remember...

As with the other Astral - packed to the rafters, VERY hot, very good music, but this time the chillout room was cooking - you know that feeling when you open an oven door and the blast of heat hits you - imagine that AND a tonne of steam coming through as you open the door to the chillout room - not fun!

December 31st, 2002, Chichime, EQ Warehouse, London


Well, the Purple Turtle in Reading is wink on New Years, so I sussed this one out instead - well, after discovering raves only 3 months earlier, it would have been rude NOT to go wouldn't it? They played Cosmosis' "Human Evolution" to ring in the New Year, and so far this year's been pretty damned good, so it must have been a great omen! Got me mad anyway - that tune ROCKS!!!

November 2nd, 2002, Tip World Party, Stratford Rex, London


It's alright for some - Loveday managed to escape our employer on the 28th October... However, with pleasure/pain theory, it was also her 30th on the 1st November, so what better way to celebrate than to have a blinder to end all blinders at the Rex - a venue rapidly becoming my second home!

The night started off sedate enough, but I knew we had a hidden agenda to totally 'take the p-ss' as they say in Human Traffic, despite some minor setbacks such as the security staff being fascists and taking everything they could including deodorant and chewing gum, and Russ losing £40 by leaving it on a chair - oops... Come 6 am, we move onto an after party at the EQ Warehouse in Hackney Wick and keep the fun rolling until 12 noon the following afternoon (luckily the film ran out before this though)... To say I overdid it would be an understatement.

Anyway, without further ado, here are those promised photos...

Loveday, Harry and Russ outside the Rex at 10-ish (nice queue - effing freezing!)
Me and Loveday - Harry in executioner mode slicing my head off - stupid disposable camera viewfinders - d'oh!
A not-very-good photo of the lasers - this is about 5 stories up and the main floor is right at bottom of photo. You can just about see a glimmer globe in this shot too - my favourite club thing!!

Ah - that time of the night - about 2 in the morning when we decided to hang out on the chillout balcony for a few minutes - we'd probably been dancing for about 2.5 hours by this point and the break was well deserved...

I would have smiled but I had a gob full of chewing gum...


The BEST thing about the psy-trance vibe, the way I see it, is that it's still suitably underground to not have sold out. Most of the original 'rave' clubs seem to be your average cruddy Gatecrasher/Cream cheese these days - the kind of places where leaving an ego at the door is not an option and people have to dance to impress...

Well, in the Rex, anything goes and it usually does, and as with the old skool rave vibe, you can talk to anyone and not feel stupid - there IS no ego there. You can be exactly what you want to be and no-one cares if you look weird, dance bad (like me!), or if you'd seem out of place anywhere else; I love it!

Anyway, I digress - this guy caught my attention whilst we were chilling at the back of the main floor - that back pack is awesome and I love the head gear. I would have gone over to chat to him about it but he was in a serious 'zone' and I didn't want to be rude and interrupt. Well, if you see yourself in this photo mate, come forward!

Aha - the real chillout room at last... Time for a cup of tea and an appetizer - oh damn, the tea lady from Azuma isn't here this week... D'oh! Oh well, a cheesy group shot... By the way, we have from left to right Russ, Harry, Loveday, Duncan (a wicked dude who REALLY seems to live in the Rex!) and, urm, me - I'm seriously $&^$ed by this point and I'm rapidly losing my balance in this photo - cheers for that bottle, Harry - any more leaning and I'd have whacked Duncan in his chops!!!!

Well, my balance returned when we left the chillout room (thank God), and my feet were ITCHING big time for a dance, and oh dear oh dear Loveday - why do you ALWAYS seem to find me a glo-stick!? I think the left-hand picture speaks volumes...

The right hand image is basically me jumping 3 feet in the air during one of the crescendos in one of my favourite tracks - I went for it so hard, the bottle of water lasted about 15 minutes. Oh well, there's only 42 minutes 'til kickout (nice watch - not) so I might as well make the most of it...

This is the view from our vantage point towards the end of the night - reach for those lasers boys... The trippy wall hangings around the stage are awesome, but the camera just couldn't pick them out in the gloom...
Well, all good things come to an end - this was in the last minute or so before the music finished - everyone knows it's coming so they just seem to chill where they stand...

Every time post-Rex, this stupid light rig in the mall near Stratford station catches my eye - is it a plane, a bird, or something else?

There used to be fish hanging from under the lighting rig - man, trust the management to take them down before I could get a photo of THOSE as well...

October 19th, 2002, Azuma, Stratford Rex, London

Well, I had to deliver a tape deck to my mate Brendon, and, well, on impulse got on the phone to my psy-trance guru Loveday and ended up raveling across London for a bangin' night of serious tunes - I'd heard so much about Cosmosis that to miss him would have been sheer lunacy!

In addition, X Dream were also pretty damn good although we missed half their set due to a bit of an extended stop in the chillout room - time has mysterious properties in the Rex... We'd got confused by the band name and mistook them for Extreme before we got there - man we were confused as to how rock would work with psy-trance - although Dark Soho seem to do very well with it :)

Incidentally, we were the last 2 non-staff to leave the Rex that night - somehow we managed to stay in there until 7 - very necessary as it was effing freezing outside...

October 5th, 2002, Astral Phoenix, Stratford Rex, London

My first rave... OK OK, so it's not your usual party, but by the middle of the night when everyone was up and loving it, it FELT like a blooming massive house party - if this is what psy-trance is like gimme more!!!

The beats were constant all night but the music just kept building and becoming more sublime with every track, and Infected Mushroom - woah - I had to rush out and get their album, which is pumping out as I type this... Hard to believe those little Rega Kytes can handle this stuff but they seem to have a cut down essence of the Stratford Rex's 50Kw rig - i.e., fast, clean and lots of fun! Even more difficult for me to believe is that this is Israeli trance - I don't know why but I'd never expect to hear these kind of tunes from Israel - although the last track has some influences - good to see that even with the troubles there the creative spirit is still alive - love and respect due methinks!

There are no photos of us lot in the club, but that was probably a very good thing! However, might be doing one in November so keep your eyes peeled.... ;)

In the words of Jeremy Factsman - "Reach for the lasers - safe as f***"

August 11, 2001, Reading

My housemates went away to Mexico this summer, leaving me in charge of the house - fools! So I decided to hold a party and overrun the house with as many people as possible.

I figured that it wouldn't be fair to foist all my mates on the housemates, nothing more sinister than that, if you are reading this, Jay and Sarah ;)

Me, Harry, Loretta, Marcus, Ali, in the Reading Oracle during a pre-party shopping trip © Leon Atkins 2001

The calm before the storm! This was about 3 hours after the Exeter posse turned up on the Friday night; Loretta and Marcus decided they would have a long hard look through my seriously embarrassing and incriminating photos from when I was about 7! Oh well, all I could do was grin and bear it...

Loretta, me, Marcus, having a root through some really incriminating photos

Suzy, Mark, Harry and Marcus, very early on in the evening.

I feel a bit guilty towards Suzy's entourage as they brought some BBQ stuff, and by the time they showed up we'd wussed out on that idea and were ordering pizza instead as the weather was doing the typical British thing. It turned out fine in the end though, so we were just a tad bit gutted...


Nathan and Sarah just after they arrived; Sarah was driving though - d'oh, always a bad mistake to be a designated driver at a party. There's one benefit to being blind I guess ;)

Paddy in his usual state... Enough said!


The party was great yeah, we were really thrilled, but now the sun's gone in we're startin' to get chilled!

Must be why there's large quantities of booze being quaffed...


Wey hey - pizza's arrived; note Paddy's cheeky attempt to nick my pizza slices without me knowing... As you can see from the grin on my face, I wasn't really bothered; a few beers had been supped by this point..

© Leon Atkins 2001


The 'other' Dom, Harry, and Leon; this was relatively early on in the night but everyone was pretty merry all the same...

Leon is gearing up to get some well incriminating photos there in the background.


I'm not quite sure what Loretta's doing with Narla here, but Narla definitely appears to be getting lairy (see pic below for a possible reason why). Seriously though, no animals were harmed during the production of this feature!

© Leon Atkins 2001


Paul (aprés puke), Marcus, Neil = lightweights

Another two bite the dust

Every party has to have some dodgy pictures, and here are the ones from this one ;)

He he he - this one was an obvious inclusion - nice Mars ice cream ;)

Children shouldn't play on escalators, Steve... (see arrow) © Leon Atkins 2001

Notice a pattern forming here? Kate had a whole stack of Buds out of shot - think this was her 6th...
© Leon Atkins 2001
Jay's cat, Narla, follows in his footsteps with her drinking habit. Good camera shake there Leon - helps the photo look even cooler ;) © Leon Atkins 2001

More parties to follow...

The price you pay to the party god....

OK, so this is nothing to be proud of, but that's the way some parties go... Nice Technicolor Yawn... This was down to Leon's dad plying us with alcohol....

This is Harry's toilet by the way, if anyone out there wanted to know - NOT the loo at my house; that one's reserved for Paul and his thunder chunder!

©2003 dB
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